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Dinner in the Sky® operated in Finland August 13th until August 19th 2012.

Dinner in the Sky® is a unique event meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave an everlasting impression on their guests! The idea and concept of Dinner in the Sky® event is to offer unforgettable fine dining experience in the sky – together with exclusive atmosphere, breathtaking view of the city and cuisine from world top chefs.

Dinner in the Sky® Finland opened the doors in August just for a limited amount of days to present the unique Dinner in the Sky® experience to all interested parties. In those days, we offered Dinner in the Sky® experience along with a unique culinary pleasure – in the very center of Helsinki. Event took place on the Rautatientori Square, where the table with 22 guests was suspended at a height of 45 meters by a team of professionals, to enjoy lifes most unique and special dinner – together with friends.

The event hosted top local and international chefs. Chef of the day prepared the menus and the food for this day. During the dinners, in the evening session, the chef of the day joined the guests personally at the height of 45 meters to serve and talk about his food and menu. This exclusive atmosphere with extraordinary food and face-to-face contact with exceptional chefs will created an everlasting impression for everyone.

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Dinner in Sky Helsinki Chefs 2012

Björn Franzen and Daniel Lindeberg from Frantzén/Lindeberg

Bjorn Daniel

Björn Frantzén and Daniel Lindberg are the owners and chefs of the Franzen/Lindeberg restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. The restaurant was opened in 2008 by Björn and Daniel Lindeberg and was immidiately appraised by different food critics and honored with awards. Casual elegance is how Daniel Lindeberg and Björn Frantzén describe their eponymous Stockholm restaurant, which has become one of Scandinavias leading lights in food. What makes their Stockholm restaurant so exciting is that there’s no traditional menu – instead they cook ‘free-form’ based on what comes in that day – with many dishes featuring intriguing ingredients. The result is a truly magnificent dining experience – creating cognitive dissonance in a meeting between the Nordic countries and Asia.

In 2009, the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star, and in 2010 the second star followed. A year later Frantzen/Lindeberg entered on place 57 at ”The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2011” but above all they received the award ”The one to watch”. The biggest news came in the end of Aprill 2012, when Franzen/Lindeberg restaurant ranked no 20 in World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2012 list.

• ”The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2012” – place 20
• ”The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2011” – place 57 (award ”The one to watch“)
• Michelin Guide 2010 – second Michelin star
• Wine Spectator 2010 named Frantzén/Lindeberg in the list of ”Best Restaurants for Wine lovers”
• Michelin Guide 2009 – first Michelin star
• White Guide (biggest restaurant guide in Sweden) – Best Restaurant in Sweden 2009, 2011, 2012
• Condé Nast Travelers Hot tables list – 50 amazing new restaurants in 2009
• Food & Wine magazine named Frantzén/Lindeberg as one of the planets 20 most exciting restaurants.


Sasu Laukkonen from Chef & Sommerlier

kuva(1) Chef-Sommelier-logo

Sasu Laukkonen is a rare Finnish representative of the New Nordic Cuisineis. He is Chef de Cuisine from heart. As is the owner of a restaurant Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki Finland his kitchen focuses on organic produce, but also uses natural and fairtrade ingredients. Chef & Sommelier is the only organic restaurant in Finland.

Sasu describes his food as “cuisine of the heart, his cuisine is ambitious, pure in taste, all handmade and original – made from his point of view and coming from his heart since he is mostly a self taught chef. Finesse-dining is what Sasu wants his customers to experience: personal, open and stylish cuisine, ambience and service every day, every time. The term is my own to use and to follow.

What distinguishes Laukkonen’s restaurant is the grace with which time passes here and the infectious joy the chef and his staff bring to the table.


Tommi Tuominen from Demo

tommi demo

Tommi Tuominen is the owner and Chef de cuisine of the restaurant Demo in Helsinki, Finland. Tommi and his partner Teemu Aura opened theri restaurant in January 2003. They offer their guests the exquisite fine dining experience combined with a hint of a home cooked meal and the best pieces from the French culinary trait in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.
Tommi is the soul and the father figure of the warm kitchen. Unstoppable engine of new ideas who is whipping the whole team into top performances night after night. His restaurant has been popular from the start, reservation had to be made in weeks in advance.
In 2005 Tommi won the International Culinary Classic 2005 competition in Hong Kong. Only four years after opening the restaurant it was awarded their first Michelin star.


Samuli Wirgentius from Postres POSTRES_LOGO

Samuli Wirgentius and his restaurant Postres are names know to every sweet tooth in Finland. The restaurant was opened by Samuli and his partner Vesa Parivainen in 2006 in Helsinki Finland. Postres is specialized in Finnish and Scandinavian cuisine. In 2008 the restaurant was awadred with its first Michelin star. The same year La Societe des Gatronomes Finlandais awarded Postres with the most prestigious prize in Finland – The Restaurant of the Year.

In Samulis kitchen the idea is to recapture the classics and the delicios flavours of grandma’s cooking in a new lavishly sumptuous form. The key to its success is the art of French cooking with a twist, it is not only important how the dish tastes but the whole entity must be perfection. The food must also feel good in your mouth – the imporatnce of contrast is something that Postres chefs are well aware. “You have to have contrasts – cold and warm, soft and crispy. These add up to a perfect whole – a work of art that seduces the senses.”

As its name implies, the specialty of Postres is its desserts. At first the two culinary masterminds wanted to be the first restaurant in Finland to serve only dessert, but after some consideration they expanded toward offering a full range of restaurant dishes. However, sometimes during the summer the menu reverts to its original all-desserts line-up, but only when there is sufficient supply of domestic berries.


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