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Dinner in the Sky® LIVE 2013

Dinner in the Sky Helsinki open the doors for the second time in June 4th until June 9th 2013, just for a limited amount of days to present the unique Dinner in the Sky® experience to all interested parties. In those few days, we offered the Dinner in the Sky® experience along with a unique culinary pleasure – in the very center of Helsinki. The event took place on the Rautatientori square, where the table with 22 quests was suspended at a height of 50 meters by a team of professionals, to enjoy one of lifes most unique and special dinners.

Presenting Dinner in the Sky LIVE

This year Dinner in the Sky had set the standards even more higher by adding live music to the already spectacular dinner experience.

During the dinner a special platform was lifted next to the Dinner in the Sky table where talented musicians performed timeless piecesand made the dinner even more magical.

The event hosted top local and international chefs. Chef of the day prepared the menus and the food for this day. During the dinners, in the evening session, the chef of the day personally joined the guests at the height of 50 meters to serve and talk about his food and menu. This exclusive atmosphere with extraordinary food and conversation with exceptional chefs left an everlasting impression on everyone.

Gallery 2013

Chefs 2013

Alexandre Gauhtier

ALEXANDRE GAUTHIER 6(1) legrenouillere logo

Alexandre Gauthier may be among the trailblazers of France’s next culinary generation, but he’s not in it for novelty or notoriety. Gauthier’s more a sensualist than conceptualist, and he’s made a name for himself by relishing the purity of ingredients—cooking to emphasize the freshness and wildness of product at the helm of his family restaurant, La Grenouillère.

As a young man, Gauthier trained at many high class restaurants and in 2003, still in his 20s, Gauthier returned to La Madelaine sous-Montreuil to take over La Grenouillère from his father.

Over the course of his career, Gauthier has not only drawn visitors from all over the world to La Grenouillère, he’s earned a Michelin star, three Gault Millau toques, and a “One to Watch” designation from the San Pellegrino’s “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list. And his successes extend beyond the restaurant. In 2005, Gauthier showcased his talent at the Fou de France at the Plaza Athéneé, he opened contemporary rotisserie Froggy’s Tavern in 2009, and he’s presented in conferences and food festivals, encouraging the next generation of ambitious chefs.


Jari Vesivalo & Pekka Terävä

pekka-terävä-OLO olo logo

Restaurant Olo, a modern Scandinavian restaurant in Helsinki, is nowadays also one of the best restaurants in the whole Nordic region. Chefs Jari Vesivalo and Pekka Terävä keep creating unique and memorable culinary experiences where the quality of ingredients is always the key. Olo relishes it’s One Michelin Star rating for the third year in a row.

Olo’s food philosophy is all about fresh and pure, high-quality ingredients, combined to create modern Scandinavian cuisine that the guests have learnt to know and love. In addition to its recognition in the Michelin Guide, Olo has also been featured on the 50 Best Restaurants listing in Finland, on which it was recently awarded the first place.

Restaurant Olo takes you on a culinary trip through the unique and breathtakingly beautiful Archipelago, to the famous Land of a Thousand Lakes, all the way up to the ice-cold creeks of Northern Lapland. The clean nature and genuine ingredients are ever so present in Olo’s modern Scandinavian cuisine that highlights simplicity and freshness..


Jouni Toivanen

jouni_promo_1 Luomo_logo(1)-page-001

In addition to Jouni Toivanens work in Luomo he is also a restaurateur and chef in Pure Bistro. Jouni has a varied and extensive experience in the hospitality field. When it comes to food the visual aspect is as important as the taste. You eat with your eyes.

Jounis cooking is inventive and he follows the trends by challenging traditional ways of cooking. He is constantly looking to add something new to the food. On the other hand however, he had a profound respect for traditions. Jouni founded Luomo with Mika Mattila in 2009, on 2010 they were awarded a Michelin star. Luomo is described as being Local & Global: local ingredients from small-scale producers, the exotic flavours of the world, wild nature blended with the best seasonal goods and ingenuity.


Sasu Laukkonen

kuva(1) Chef-Sommelier-logo

Sasu Laukkonen is a rare Finnish representative of the New Nordic Cuisineis. He is Chef de Cuisine from heart. As is the owner of a restaurant Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki Finland his kitchen focuses on organic produce, but also uses natural and fair trade ingredients. Chef & Sommelier is the only organic restaurant in Finland.

Sasu describes his food as “cuisine of the heart, his cuisine is ambitious, pure in taste, all handmade and original – made from his point of view and coming from his heart since he is mostly a self taught chef. Finesse-dining is what Sasu wants his customers to experience: personal, open and stylish cuisine, ambiance and service every day, every time. Chef&Sommelier was just awarded The Best Restaurant in Finland 2013 award and is also a Michelin recommendation.

What distinguishes Laukkonen’s restaurant is the grace with which time passes here and the infectious joy the chef and his staff bring to the table.







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