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Dinner in the Sky® LIVE Helsinki 2014 took place from 17th – 22nd of June at Lasipalatsi.


Dinner in the Sky® is a unique event meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests. This exclusive project is known for its highest standards and quality – picturesque view of the city, extraordinary atmosphere and delicious meal prepared by the best chefs in the world.

Gallery 2014 June

Chefs in the sky

Samuli Wirgentius

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Samuli Wirgentius and his restaurant Postres are names know to every sweet tooth in Finland. The restaurant was opened by Samuli and his partner Vesa Parivainen in 2006 in Helsinki Finland. Postres is specialized in Finnish and Scandinavian cuisine. In 2008 the restaurant was awadred with its first Michelin star. The same year La Societe des Gatronomes Finlandais awarded Postres with the most prestigious prize in Finland – The Restaurant of the Year.

In Samuli’s kitchen the idea is to recapture the classics and the delicios flavours of grandma’s cooking in a new lavishly sumptuous form. The key to its success is the art of French cooking with a twist, it is not only important how the dish tastes but the whole entity must be perfection. The food must also feel good in your mouth – the imporatnce of contrast is something that Postres chefs are well aware. “You have to have contrasts – cold and warm, soft and crispy. These add up to a perfect whole – a work of art that seduces the senses.”

As its name implies, the specialty of Postres is its desserts. At first the two culinary masterminds wanted to be the first restaurant in Finland to serve only dessert, but after some consideration they expanded toward offering a full range of restaurant dishes. However, sometimes during the summer the menu reverts to its original all-desserts line-up, but only when there is sufficient supply of domestic berries.


Filip Langhoff


Filip Langhoff comes from nature-filled Finland, where he was born in 1980 in Helsinki. Already as a young child one of Filip’s favorite past-time activities was to pick herbs and berries in his grandmother’s garden or in the Finnish forests. His parents’ were determined to have home-made food for Filip and his two siblings, which has awaken Filip’s interest in ingredients and cooking.

The surroundings of daily life inspire Filip. He finds inspiration in the raw nature and the city, from the countryside and its farmers and produce, from his family and friends.

Filip started his chef career studying at the restaurant school in Karis and in Mariehamn in Finland. Upon graduating in 1999 he moved to Norway, where he worked at Brasserie Hansken and Holmen Fjordhotell. Seeking new inspiration and challenges, Filip moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he worked at Comerc24 and El Bulli. When he was offered the position of Head Chef in one Michelin-stared Spisestedet Feinschmecker in Oslo, Filip decided to move back with his wife to the Nordic countries.

After over ten years abroad Filip and his family moved back to Finland. In Helsinki he worked as Head Chef at the only two Michelin-stared restaurant in Finland, Chez Dominique, while at the same time he established his consulting/catering company Cibus by Langhoff.

In August 2012 Filip Langhoff, together with his wife and Michelin-star experienced sommelier Linda Stenman-Langhoff, opened restaurant Ask. By March 2014 the fresh restaurant owned by the two young Finns received its first Michelin star.

Filip’s food has received many positive reviews, being called genuine, pure, “robust fine-dining”. His cooking philosophy is to first put enough time into finding the purest products, sometimes simply by wondering the nature-abundant Helsinki neighborhoods, some other times seeking fresh game or fish in southern Finland; Filip then allows the ingredients to talk for themselves by just lifting their flavors for the dinners.


Vladislav Djatšuk


Vladislav Djatšuk is one of the most recognized chefs in Estonia, he has participated in the world’s top gastronomy contest Bocuse d’Or Europe as a finalist in 2009. He runs the kitchen of Restaurant Tchaikovski in Tallinn, Estonia. In 2013, Flavours of Estonia announced The 50 Best Restaurants in Estonia. Restaurant Tchaikovsky is the 1st choice in Tallinn and the 2nd best in Estonia. The latest addition to his accomplishments are the 2013 Silverspoon Awards – “Best Restaurant”, “Best Gourmet Restaurant” and “Best Hotel Restaurant”.

The perfectionist chef values even the smallest of nuances in the taste – everything has to fit together and balance the dish. „A bit of humor, a spot of love and some salt.“ This is how Vladislav defines his gastronomy. In his kitchen the most important things are quality product and the skill to tie the different testes together in order to create a harmony of flavors.





Melodious-voiced Kanerva performs with his band and solo guitar. She in the singer behin well known Finnish songs like “Herra Heinäkuu”, “kaksi poikaa” and “Viisitoista”. Kanerva is also the person behind Vantaas Theaters Silkkisalin Silkki club. At Dinner in the Sky Kanerva will present her own creation and some borrowed production.


Miikka Kallio


Composer and pianist Miikka Kallio conjures exceptionally comprehensive tunes covering all genres. Miikka Kallio, together with his band since 1999, has toured jazz festivals in Finland and abroad and is often reinforced as a leading soloists. At Dinner in the Skyssa Miikka promises to play heavenly music, which makes the event a perfect experience.


Johannes Salomaa

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Johannes Salomaa is a Helsinki-based saxophonist and Boston Promenade Big Band Orchestras bandmaster. He can be heard in various pop, soul and jazz bands. His rhythm & blues band Hutera is just recording their first publication. Come and enjoy midsummer in the sky and listen to Johannes’ gentle saxophone.